Sunday, March 7, 2010

Heroine in Mirror, Mirror--Who's the Nest to Die

Questions answered about Jill's life
Hi, my name's Jill (Jillian) McKeel and I'm tough. That is I'm tough in a physical sort of way. Five foot two, eyes of blue—my mom used to sing that song, but my eyes are brown. I'm thin and thin skinned, but I get over it quickly. Don't hurt my feelings; I'll get even. Other than that, I'm a pretty good person. Not real good, but pretty good. I love children, well most children, some children I don't love, but I love Vicky. Vicky is my partner's daughter; she is an adorable five-year-old. Vicky loves me.

I work for the FBI, but not in the normal sense. I'm on a special team. I actually work undercover and my cover is being an FBI agent. I can turn on the charm when it's necessary, but in my opinion, it's not usually necessary. One of those makeover shows on TV would have a blast with me. Challenge is my middle name.

I'm out of here. I have killers to catch.

You check back later to find out more about my life, you hear. Did I mention, I like to be funny.

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